MATRRIX delivers exceptional horizontal and directional drilling equipment and services, producing predictable, repeatable, safe results through focused, disciplined, fact based decision-making and field execution.


Recognized by peers and industry as a leader in drilling performance.


Perform. Exceed expectations in every way, all the time.


Committed to clients, shareholders, innovation, and community.


MWD EM Telemetry

For high LCM, under-balanced drilling, higher data rates, reduced survey time

  • Gamma logging
  • Azimuthal Gamma At-Bit (GAB)
  • Inclination At-Bit (IAB)
  • Pressure While Drilling (PWD)
  • Vibration While Drilling (VWD)

MWD Pulse Telemetry

For deeper applications where high or low formation resistance is encountered during the drilling process

  • Fully retrievable downhole sonde
  • Gamma logging
  • Field configurable to deliver custom directional data
  • Shock and vibration analysis

Positive Displacement Motors

PDM power sections matched to your specific application

  • D²ROX quality control ensures uptime and reliability
  • Drivelines built to deliver > 18,000 ft. lbs of torque
  • Rotor catch technology on all motors
  • All power sections are fit tested
  • Short fixed bit to bend housings

“Their team was tight, engaged, and we came away with the feeling that field operations were being closely monitored in the office and at the field superintendent level. Communication was exceptional and they voluntarily offered a review of drilling performance at the end of the program where the discussion was open and honest.”

  • Valued Client


Lyle Whitmarsh – President & CEO

Rob van Bostelen – VP Operations

Rob’s Oil & Gas experience spans 28 years throughout Canada and the USA. Previous to joining MATRRIX, Rob spent three years as a Drilling Superintendent with Talisman Energy supervising shale gas drilling projects in Canada and the USA. Previous to his role at Talisman, Rob was employed by Ryan Energy Technologies for twelve years; most recently as Operations Manager, Canada. Rob began his directional drilling career as a directional driller for Ryan, in the field, after starting his oil and gas career as a driller for Akita Drilling.

Charlie Lloyd – VP Sales

Charlie has over 22 years experience in the directional and horizontal drilling industry throughout Canada and the USA. Previous to his position as Sales Manager at MATRRIX, Charlie held a sales position with Enseco and prior to that, for 14 years, Charlie held various positions with Weatherford International, including positions of responsibility over MWD field operations, and as a Technical Sales Representative. Charlie started his career in the oil and gas services industry working on drilling rigs for Precision Drilling.

Doug Ozar – Data Integration Manager

Doug’s Oil & Gas experience in Information and Data Management spans 36 years throughout Canada and the USA.   Previous to joining MATRRIX, Doug spent three years as a Field Supervisor with RigSat Communications supervising field operations in Canada. Previous to his role at RigSat, Doug was employed by Rigwatch / Nabors Drilling for seven years; most recently as General Manager, Canada. Doug began his Data Acquisition career in the field, with M/D Totco working throughout Canada and the USA.

Jeff Schab, CPA, CA – Chief Financial Officer

Jeff is a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta with 7 years accounting and finance experience with private and publicly listed companies. His career began at a major international accounting firm as a team member in the assurance group before continuing into the oilfield services industry with MATRRIX. He has been part of the MATRRIX team since 2013 and was appointed Chief Financial Officer February 2015.