Reduce full lifecycle well costs • Fact based decisions • Predictable, repeatable, proven results

Why D²ROX?


MATRRIX is committed to delivering exceptional results, results that exceed expectations. D²ROX is core to your drilling program and well lifecycle ROI. D²ROX epitomizes the application of continuous improvement to horizontal drilling.

Why Now?

The Directional Drilling industry is evolving, wells are more complex, expectations are high – where they should be. Directional Drilling technology and equipment is readily available, is rapidly changing, and needs to be matched to the opportunity. The application of our expertise in directional drilling, using solid analysis and the right equipment, drives your results. How we work is as important as the tools and technology we work with.

“We’ve all heard this side of the river drills different than the other. If MATRRIX says that, we’ll bring proof.”

  • Rick Ryan

Results are achieved with good information.

D²ROX is MATRRIX’s data management platform for real-time directional drilling operations and field reporting management. D²ROX enables our team to capture relevant details that impact your operation.

Results are achieved by being able to clearly analyze, understand, and communicate factors that influence performance.

D²ROX is MATRRIX’s analytics platform for fully interactive directional drilling performance analysis. D²ROX enables our team to manage the increasing complexity in today’s drilling operations.

Results are achieved by being able to learn, share, and collaborate quickly and efficiently.

D²ROX is MATRRIX’s knowledge sharing platform for ensuring the entire team has access to organizational learnings and best practices. D²ROX enables our team to share all relevant data and analysis across all of our operating areas and with our field teams.

Results are achieved by people, process, and technology.

D²ROX is MATRRIX’s people focused platform which allows us to pull together our team’s skills and experience, along with the appropriate tools and practices. D²ROX enables our field and office teams to perform.